We have recently hiPad Air 2 Screen Repairs Adelaidead a few enquiries from people for screen replacements on the iPad Air 2, only for the customers to receive a shock when provided with the price.

There is currently a global shortage of LCD screens for the iPad Air 2 affecting most repair shops, which is in turn driving up the cost of screen replacements by a lot.

A couple of months ago, we were able to offer iPad Air 2 screen replacements for only $150. The same repair today however now costs more than $350 due to the global screen shortage. Although this is an expensive repair, taking your iPad to Apple will cost even more! ($450).

Why Does The iPad Air 2 Screen Cost So Much To Fix?

With the release of the iPad Air 2 (and the same also applies to the iPad Mini 4),  Apple started to fuse the LCD and the glass together. On previous generation iPads the glass was a separate part and the LCD was re-used during the repair process, meaning that if you just cracked the glass, that would be the only part that would be replaced. This kept the overall repair costs down. Now that the LCD and glass are fused together, if you crack the glass then you have to replace the entire screen assembly – even if your LCD is fully functional and not broken.

The supply shortage is most likely due to Apple focusing their production on the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and the upcoming iPhone X. Unfortunately the cost of the screens doesn’t look like it’s going down any time soon either!

Given that a brand new iPad starts at $429, it may not be economical to get your iPad Air 2 screen repaired at the moment!