iPhone Repairs are constantly changing in price, as the price of the screens adjust according to supply & demand and exchange rates. As the cost of iPhone screens continue to change, we always attempt to decrease the cost of our iPhone repairs in turn, passing on our savings directly to our customers! So here’s a quick update on the latest iPhone repair prices …

This week I have finally started to see an improvement in the replacement prices for iPhone 7 screens … slowly but surely they are coming down!

iPhone Repairs Adelaide - Latest Price

iPhone 7 / iPhone 7+ Screen Repairs

In our opinion and at this moment in time, we believe that if you have broken the screen on your iPhone 7 / iPhone 7+ , your best bet is to take the phone back to Apple directly and get the iPhone repaired at the Apple Store.

There have been widely reported issues of problems with the home button on the iPhone 7 and 7+ not working after the screen has been replaced. It appears as though Apple have changed the design of the home button with the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ and it is much more fragile on these models.

Also, all iPhone 7 and 7+ phones that have been sold are still under their initial 1 year Apple Care warranty supplied by Apple. Getting the iPhone repaired directly through Apple currently costs a very similar price but retains your warranty and covers you against any possible implications resulting from the repair.

Current Screen Replacement Prices For iPhone Repairs (As Of 15th May 2017):-

  • $200 – iPhone 6S+
  • $160 – iPhone 6S
  • $90 – iPhone 6
  • $80 – iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S


*repair prices can change without notice. Prices correct at time of writing.