Our Services

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Computer running slowly or in need of an upgrade? We provide a wide range of PC and Laptop repairs.Bring in your computer for a free diagnosis and we can offer you suggestions to improve your computers speed and performance.

Custom Built Computers

If you’re looking for a brand new computer and would rather not purchase one "off-the-shelf", we can custom build a system from scratch to suit your exact requirements and budget.

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashed? No back up? Don’t panic! – We can perform data recovery services for both PCs and Macs and restore your deleted or lost files. Note:If we do not have success restoring your files we are able to recommend a specialist data recovery company that may be able to assist.

iPad & Tablet Repairs

We can replace the LCD screen, glass and other components on all currently available iPad models, as well as other brand Android tablets such as Samsung. Please enquire for latest repair prices.

iPhone Repairs

We can replace the screen, glass, battery, charging port and other components on all iPhone models. Please enquire for latest repair prices.

Laptop Screen Replacements

If you are having display problems or have smashed your laptop screen, we are able to replace it for you. Price varies according to the specific make and model of your laptop - Contact us today for a free quote.

MacBook Repairs

Although we specialise in repairing PC’s and laptops, we also offer repair services for MacBooks (Unibody, Air and Pro). Available repairs include screen replacements, storage & memory upgrades and battery replacements.

Web Design Services

Need a website for your business or just a simple personal website? We can help create you a professional looking website and we will show you how to edit your website so you can manage it yourself. Or if you'd rather have your site managed by us, we can do that too!

Web Hosting & Management Services

Would you like us to host or maintain your website and regularly keep it updated and secure for you? Please enquire.